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Central Tower, 2nd Floor, West Wing

The Tom & Barbara Fegan Intensive Care Unit consists of six beds for the comprehensive care and monitoring of critical care patients at GCH. The ICU, and each private room, is designed for the use of specialized equipment, continuous observation and monitoring by our highly skilled and compassionate nursing team.

Each room is equipped with an overhead boom for 360-degree access to the patient, monitoring devices, and has access to medications and supplies centrally located in the unit. ICU staff observes the patient’s monitor rhythms from telemetry units located at the ICU’s nursing station.


Although every effort is made to give families and loved ones normal visitation, visits in this unit are ultimately at the discretion of the unit’s staff. Due to the critical nature of the care in the ICU we ask that you respect the staff’s instructions and try to limit any visits to 1-2 people and 10-15 minutes in length.

Our ICU waiting room gives friends and family members a place to breathe and relax within close range of their loved ones. The waiting room features a wide array of amenities such as a microwave and refrigerator, phone, TV, reading material, and comfortable furniture. Vending machines are nearby as well. While your loved one is in the ICU, we will try to make you as comfortable as possible.

While you visit our ICU area you will notice the glass art “A Celebration of Life”. This glass wall was donated by the family, and in the memory of, Herbert “Gene” Yenser. This wall can be a reflection of your loved one’s condition and represent either a rising or setting sun.

Our Benefactors

A past member of the Geary Community Hospital Board of Trustees, Tom Fegan was a lifelong resident and local philanthropist. When he passed away in the 1990’s he left a Charitable Lead Trust to Geary Community Hospital, through the Geary Community Healthcare Foundation, for non-operational uses. His wife Barbara, who was also strongly associated with the hospital (serving on the hospital Board of Trustees in the 1990’s as well as the foundation Board of Directors), designated funds from the trust towards the construction of the ICU. It is named in their honor.