Geary Community Hospital is a facility you can count on to provide evidence-based maternity care that supports a mom’s breastfeeding goals. We’re proud to support mothers and babies by following the practices. Learn more about the program here



Medical Director: Anwar Khoury, MD, FACOG, DABOG

Unit Manager: Melissa Wells, BSN

The Women’s Health Center at GCH was built in 1997 through generous funding from the late Martha K. Hoover and the community. That same year, OB-GYN Anwar Khoury, MD was recruited to the community. Since his start date, deliveries have increased over 450% at Geary Community Hospital.

The Earth Seed statue sits at the entrance and welcomes women as they enter the building. It was a gift from the late Martha K. Hoover.


  • 6 LDRP’s (Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Post Partum) Birthing Rooms
    More and more women are choosing this revolutionary single-room delivery system, which allows new moms and their families to experience the entire birthing experience in one beautifully decorated bedroom. Each private LDRP room is equipped with state-of-the-art birthing equipment. If a c-section is indicated, the staff takes you through the private women’s health center entrance into the surgery unit. No where else will you be so pampered.
  • ABR Hearing Screening
  • Basic Care and Special Care Nurseries (formerly called Level I and Level II)
    Newborns get the best of care in the capable hands of our board certified pediatricians and family practitioners. Two nurseries, a new infant neonatal cardiac respiratory monitor, and other high-tech advantages make the Martha K. Hoover Women’s Health Center the perfect place for your baby. Level III babies may be transferred to other hospitals at the discretion of the pediatrician.
  • Family room for families adopting a child
  • Gynecological surgery
    Gynecological surgery in the most private and quiet of environments awaits you at the Martha K. Hoover Women’s Health Center. Stress seems to disappear in the beautiful surroundings and comforting care afforded to our gynecological patients.
  • Lactation Consultant
  • Becoming a Dad Education classes


Delivering Change is an exciting project created to improve the health of Geary County moms and infants, and to encourage breastfeeding.  To learn more about Delivering Change, please follow the link below.

Improving the health of infants starts in the crib. Do you know the ABC’s of Safe Sleep? Does everyone who cares for your baby know them?

Click here for Safe Sleep Information

Six weekly classes covering a wide range of topics to prepare you for baby’s arrival. Click here for more information and to register for Becoming A Mom classes.

Becoming A Mom Information and Registration

Need help with breastfeeding? Delivering Change is here for you.

Click here for Breastfeeding Resources