A Very Happy Mom

11 Jun 2016

My daughter had to go in for an MRI and was taken care of by Dan. Let me just say that he was absolutely amazing in all he did for us. He was so patient and kind. He made my 8 year old daughter feel more than comfortable about getting her scan done. There were some unfortunate complications during our first visit so Dan got us worked in to come back the following day to try again. When we went back into the recovery room to get my daughter’s IV inserted, Dan had the cutest little stuffed bear on the bed waiting for her! The nurse that did her IV (I can’t remember her name) was just as awesome. She was so nice to my daughter, myself, and my other 3 kiddos that had to tag along. I was a little uneasy about my daughter having to do the testing in the first place and am worried about the results, but Dan the man went above and beyond during both of our visits. This man is GOOD at what he does and is such a wonderful and caring person. In my opinion, whatever he is making is not enough. He most definitely deserves a raise! Thank you, Dan for everything you have done for us and I wish you nothing but the best!

A very happy Mom

My daughter named her little stuffed bear Dan 🙂