GCH Sleep Lab Earns Re-accreditation

The Geary Community Hospital Sleep Lab recently attained reaccreditation through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

The GCH sleep lab team proudly presents their reaccreditation certificate. L-r: Kevin Watson, James Reynaud, Latoya Muhammad and Redo Purnell.

“AASM accreditation is a voluntary process for the assessment of sleep programs and is the gold standard by which the medical community and the public can evaluate sleep medicine services,” said Joe Stratton, GCH Chief Executive Officer. “Geary Community Hospital’s sleep lab has been accredited since 2005 but this renewal serves as an reminder to our patients, families and referring physicians that we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care at Geary Community Hospital.”

GCH operates a two bed lab that performs polysomnography’s, split night studies, MSLT’s, titration studies and home sleep testing.

“Sleep labs have become more prevalent in the healthcare world,” said Julie Vines, Director of Sleep Lab at GCH. “There are over 80 different types of sleep disorders ranging from difficulty sleeping at night to problems with excessive daytime sleepiness. A sleep disorder can affect your overall health, safety and quality of life. Sleep deprivation can affect your ability to drive safely and increase your risk of other health problems.”

The AASM has accredited sleep centers since 1977, and today there are more than 2,500 AASM-accredited sleep facilities. Through regular review and revision of the AASM Standards for Accreditation, the AASM has ensured that the requirements continue to incorporate the latest advances in sleep medicine and meet the needs of patients and referring physicians.