Geary Anesthesia Associates

Director: Christel Burke, C.R.N.A.
Office Manager: Deb Snyder



Anesthesia today is safer and more effective than ever before. Advancements in monitoring technology and anesthetic drugs, extensive specialty education and training, and high professional standards have made the administration of anesthesia one of the safest aspects of a surgical or obstetric procedure.

At Geary Community Hospital, anesthesia is provided by Geary Anesthesia Associates. Members of the group are Director Christel Burke, Sally Sewall and Cheryl Brown, all Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). CRNAs are advanced practice nurses with specialized graduate-level education in anesthesia. Nurse anesthesia was established in the late 1800s as the first clinical nursing specialty in response to the growing need surgeons had for anesthetists. For more than 100 years, nurse anesthetists have been administering anesthesia in all types of surgical cases, using all anesthetic techniques and practicing in every setting in which anesthesia is administered.

Geary Anesthesia Associates has been providing a variety of anesthesia techniques for all surgeries as well as obstetric analgesia and pain management in the form of epidural steroid injections when ordered by a physician to Geary Community Hospital patients for over thirty years.


For more information about anesthesia, consumers are encouraged to call our office at 785-762-3416. Patients can also contact the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists at 847-692-7050 or visit the website at