Understanding your Payment Options


Patient Financial Services


If you have health insurance…

GCH submits claims to your insurance carrier and will automatically apply insurance payments towards your balance.

Once your insurance has paid and applied to your balance, you will receive a patient billing statement from Geary Community Hospital showing any portion you are responsible for. This portion should be the same amount as reported on the Explanation of Benefits notice from your insurance company.

If you have questions about how much you owe, simply call the Patient Financial Services department at (785)210-3405 and speak to one of our patient account representatives.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

If you do not have insurance and believe that you might be eligible for some type of coverage, Geary Community Hospital has staff who specialize in screening patients for possible coverage including: Medicaid, disability, and COBRA coverage for those patients who qualify.

Staff is available to help you complete the appropriate forms to submit for such coverage. If you do not have health insurance and want to know if you may be eligible for healthcare coverage, please contact the Medical Assistance Program (MAP) at 1-888-843-5817.

GCH Payment Options


GCH offers several payment options to help patients make an affordable payment.


    • Prompt Pay Advantage

Patients who submit their entire payment within 20 days from receiving their first patient billing statement may apply a 20% prompt pay reduction towards the amount due.

When submitting your payment online or through the mail, be sure to apply the 20 % reduction prior to submitting your payment.  There will be no refund/credits applied if the reduction is not taken at the time of payment.  If making your payment in person, be sure to ask if you are eligible for the prompt pay reduction.

    • Financial Assistance Program

For those individuals who qualify, GCH does offer financial assistance to reduce the amount a patient owes. To qualify, a patient must complete a one-page application and provide proof of their income (e.g. IRS tax forms, W-2s, bank statements, etc.). The proof of income must clearly show that the patient’s income falls below 150% of the Federal Poverty guidelines.

Click here to download the Financial Assistance Application and Instructions (English)

    • Payment Plans

Geary Community Hospital sends two bills to the patient or responsible party. If the account is not paid within those two billing cycles, a representative from GCH will contact you to set up a payment plan. To avoid having an account sent to a collection agency, it is important that you respond to the call and/or letter to discuss your payment options.

GCH does offer payment plan options if you cannot pay your entire bill right away.  With these options, there will be no contract to sign and no annual fee.  To qualify for payment plans,  you may be required to answer questions about your family’s income and expenses.  This is to make sure the payment plan offered works within your budget.  Long-term payment plans may include a 6-9% charge.

Once you have established a payment plan, you should make regular payments towards your account. Auto-deduction options via credit card or checking/savings accounts are available.  Regular payment plan vouchers (payment reminders) are also available.

Call 1-785-530-6173 to learn more about your payment plan options.