Geary Community Hospital fully understands the impact that breastfeeding makes and is involved in many things to promote it to mothers, within the hospital and within the community.

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Here at GCH, and within the Martha K. Hoover Women’s Health Center, we do several things to support initiation—getting mothers to start breastfeeding—and duration, getting mothers to continue breastfeeding for at least a year.

Even before delivery, mothers are educated about the benefits. GCH hosts the Becoming a Mom class put on by the Geary County Perinatal Coalition (Delivering Change) and funded by a March of Dimes grant. Once the baby is delivered several things happen that improves the chance of breastfeeding. GCH promotes actions such as skin-to-skin that increases bonding between the mother and baby. The staff works with the mother to encourage early initiation of breastfeeding. Then, following discharge from the hospital there is close follow-up by the medical providers, including individual breastfeeding appointments with the providers.

Once the mother goes back to work there is a breast pump rental program available at the Home Medical Equipment store.

We also have a breastfeeding room here at GCH (Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2044) to give mothers a place to breastfeed or pump.

GCH is proud to have an environment that promotes breastfeeding and helps mothers that want to breastfeed.