Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship Applications

Is there a future nurse in your life? The GCH Auxiliary offers a scholarship to assist students who are pursuing a degree in nursing. A scholarship in the amount of $500 for each of two semesters is awarded, if the student’s GPA is 3.0 or higher for the first semester. A new application must be made for each school year. Applications are due on March 23 and applicants will be notified by mail in May.

GCH Auxiliary Scholarship Committee Awards 2017 Recipients:

2017 Scholarship Recipients Image (l-r): Jolene Stackhouse, Ashley Visser (her two daughters), Gail Stein, Connie Peck and Cynthia Castro-Garay.


The GCH Auxiliary Scholarship Committee was pleased to announce and present their recipients for the 2017-2018 school year.

A total of five scholarship recipients were selected, including one who received a scholarship the year prior, who is graduating that respective semester. Each student will receive $500 per semester.

2017-18 Scholarship Recipients:

Cynthia Castro – Garay – Attending Washburn University

Ryan Coffman – Attending Kansas University

Taralyn Guthrie – Attending James Madison

Sayde Myers – Attending Manhattan Area Technical College

Ashley Visser – Attending Manhattan Area Technical College